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MakE healthy choices an easy decision

It’s Nature Walnut Crumbles were created to deliver unmatched menu appeal for today’s health and flavor-conscious consumers. For chefs, it offers flexibility and creativity in a delicious protein alternative that’s simple to make. As a key ingredient versatile enough for any dish or daypart, It’s Nature Walnut Crumbles will work across your menu to delight customers seeking inspired plant-based dishes and better-for-you menu options.

Versatile appeal of It’s Nature Walnut Crumbles:

Simple starter recipe – The base recipe adds chickpeas, oil and vinegar. Substitute different kinds of beans, oils or vinegars to customize the look and flavor depending on the dish. Create your own signature style for any meal component used for eggs, tacos, protein bowls, salads and more.

Nutritious and flavorful – Seasoned varieties like Chorizo and Italian provide the right amount of flavor for your entire dish. Season to taste if you desire your own special flavor enhancement.

Elevate menu items – The goodness of a natural whole food protein consumers know (and will be eager to try) is combined with a unique flavor and texture they’ll enjoy in any of their favorite dishes.

Why use Walnuts? It’s an innovative way to use a traditional favorite. Vegan and non-vegan consumers alike will gravitate to a protein alternative that’s simple, familiar and soy-free. Plus, walnuts offer amazing nutritional benefits by providing antioxidants, omega-3 fats, contribute to reduced inflammation and improved heart disease risk factors. Culinary experts will appreciate the adaptability and allure of the rich, buttery and flavorful interior that walnuts will add to any recipe.

It’s Nature Walnut Crumbles infuse dishes with a satisfying texture and flavor that consumers seeking healthy, plant proteins will love.

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