Impress in an instant with chef-xpress


Quickly, conveniently upscale menu applications with our Chef Xpress line. It’s home to a wide range of sweet and savory coated nuts in whole, halved and slivered formats.

•  On-trend flavor profiles patrons will love
•  Turn appetizers, salads, main dishes, sides, soups and desserts into exciting menu items
•  Popular brand operators know to deliver high quality

jalapenoPrepared nut toppings add a gourmet touch of flavor with ease! Here’s a sampling of the unique items you’ll find in the Chef Xpress portfolio:

•   Coconut Candied Cashews
•   Honey Chipotle Pecans
•   Ancho Lime Pepitas
•   Sriracha Sunflower Kernels
•   Jalapeño Cashews
•   Honey Maple Walnuts
•   Slivered Cinnamon Almonds

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